Welcome to my website. As your personal mortgage consultant, I would love to assist you in securing the most optimal financing solution for you.

Over the course of my professional career, I have accumulated significant skills, knowledge, and expertise that would allow me to succeed as your trusted mortgage advisor. I possess more than twenty years of diversified professional experience where I have demonstrated knowledge and ability to work effectively with individuals and groups with a variety of identities, objectives, and backgrounds in a global environment.

As a business and financial management consultant, I provided personalized, professional, focused, and exclusive business advisory services to my entrepreneur clients with an aim to help their businesses grow, prosper, and achieve their sales and profitability targets within the required timeframe. I successfully applied modern economic and financial theory to obtain solutions to common corporate financial management problems, such as choosing among alternative investment projects, evaluating proposed investment strategies, making optimal capital budgeting decisions, and preparing short- and long-term financial plans.

As a certified immigration consultant, I was actively involved with the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program. As an authorized representative of leading Canadian financial institutions, I extensively promoted Canada’s Immigrant Investor Programs and assisted potential candidates in meeting the specific net worth and business management requirements applicable to immigrant investors. I also provided assistance to entrepreneur clients with business identification, planning, establishment, and ongoing management. Moreover, I offered various global residence and citizenship programs to qualified investor clients.

I always believe in building lasting, sincere relationships with my clients and delivering results for each client on time, every time. I place utmost emphasis on providing personalized, hassle-free, smooth, and friendly services to my clients. I strive for—and achieve—excellence in every task I undertake. I would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss with you, your unique financing situation, your goals and objectives; and will accordingly assist and guide you to the path of growth, success, and prosperity by tailoring the most advantageous mortgage financing solution customized to your unique and specific needs. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a complimentary, confidential, and no-obligation initial consultation to discuss my value proposition and why I believe that working with me is "the right choice for YOU".

Very truly yours,

Rizwan Wali
MBA (Finance) - Stuart School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA
Member - Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), Canada