2019-02-17 | 17:51:05

The Bank of Canada might not be done hiking just yet

Investors wagering that the Bank of Canada is ready to throw in the towel on its tightening cycle are setting themselves up for disappointment, say market strategists at some of the country’s biggest banks.As policy makers around the world...

2018-05-14 | 15:40:43

Are rising rates raising the bar?

Anyone trying to qualify for a typical mortgage in Canada has just had the bar raised another couple of notches.  The big banks have been bumping up their five-year fixed rates for the past couple weeks.  Now the Bank of Canada is following...

2018-02-10 | 19:56:04

Should I lock in my mortgage rate in 2018?

The key question for mortgage borrowers is whether rates will rise this year, and by how much. Since the majority of Canadians opt for five-year fixed-rate mortgages, let’s look at the trend:1. Five-year fixed mortgage rates bottomed in the low...

2017-12-10 | 11:47:58

New Mortgage Rules will shake up the lending market

The 3 new mortgage rule changes that officially start January 1, 2018, will shake up the lending market in Canada and have a significant impact of home owners and buyers:1. The new rules are basically a two-point rate hikeUninsured borrowers can...

2017-11-07 | 15:15:19

3 new mortgage rule changes starting January 1, 2018

Change # 1:Qualifying rate stress test to all uninsured mortgagesUninsured mortgage consumers must now qualify using a new minimum qualifying rate. The rate will be the greater of the five-year benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada OR the...

2017-05-12 | 17:55:55

Hostage to the housing boom

When one of the real estate industry's largest lobby groups, Mortgage Professionals Canada, released a report recently analyzing the state of the country's housing market, it found, to absolutely no one's surprise,...

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