2017-12-10 | 11:47:58

New Mortgage Rules will shake up the lending market

The 3 new mortgage rule changes that officially start January 1, 2018, will shake up the lending market in Canada and have a significant impact of home owners and buyers:1. The new rules are basically a two-point rate hikeUninsured borrowers can...

2017-11-07 | 15:15:19

3 new mortgage rule changes starting January 1, 2018

Change # 1:Qualifying rate stress test to all uninsured mortgagesUninsured mortgage consumers must now qualify using a new minimum qualifying rate. The rate will be the greater of the five-year benchmark rate published by the Bank of Canada OR the...

2017-05-12 | 17:55:55

Hostage to the housing boom

When one of the real estate industry's largest lobby groups, Mortgage Professionals Canada, released a report recently analyzing the state of the country's housing market, it found, to absolutely no one's surprise,...

2017-01-30 | 15:48:19

China is buying Canada: and it's reshaping our housing market well beyond Vancouver

Paul Shen can tick off the reasons Mainland Chinese people buy property in Canada as surely as any fast-talking B. C. realtor. Some long to escape the fouled earth and soupy air of their country's teeming cities, he explains, while others are...

2017-01-30 | 15:45:07

Down payment rules unlikely to cool sales

Ottawa has unveiled its most targeted effort yet to try to cool the country's hottest real estate markets - Toronto and Vancouver - but any temperature drop is likely to be insignificant, according to housing experts. In fact, the announcement Friday...

2017-01-25 | 13:58:55

Who's Buying Up Canadian Homes?

Almost a decade after Canada's housing market escaped the real-estate meltdown experienced in many parts of the U.S., the risk of a potential housing bubble in Vancouver and in Toronto has become a central preoccupation for policy makers. Some...

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